Ultimate Chocolate Lovers Basket


Ultimate Chocolate Lovers Basket – This is the “BEST” basket ever!  Included in this basket is our 1 lb. Signature Selection, 1 lb. Chocolate Covered Pretzels, 1 lb. Peanut Butter Melt-Aways, 14 oz. Dark Variety, 12 oz. Chocolate Covered Nuts, 16 Piece Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordials, 15 Piece Sea Salt Caramels, 2 Piece Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies, 1 Milk Chocolate Dan Smith Bar, 1 Caramel Nut Bar, 1 Peanut Butter Bar, 1 Coconut Bon Bar and 1 Chocolate Nut Fudge Bar.  Wow that’s a lot of chocolate!

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