Runs October 1st to November 30th 2017

Open to children in elementary and middle schools only.

Organizations or individual children selling candy bars to raise money for a non-profit or charity cause.

Child selling the most candy bars will receive a $250 gift card, an opportunity to visit Dan Smith’s Candies in Brookville for a factory tour and a bag brimming with goodies at the conclusion of the tour.

Great way to raise money for your cause with a personal incentive to the seller!

Don’t miss this opportunity!  

Call Dan Smith’s today at (814) 849-8221 or 1-800-393-1323.

Even though we are no longer shipping for the season our locations in Brookville, Clarion, DuBois and Ridgway are open for the summer and stocked with all of your favorite sweets.  Stop in and see us!