The candy is excellent – really top quality and much better than Hershey’s. The chocolate covered caramels are amazing and I cannot wait to try the sea salt vanilla caramels! I handed out small “favor” boxes to guests for an event at our home and everyone was thrilled with their individual little boxes. They were delivered to me in a very timely manner and nicely wrapped with a little red ribbon for Christmas! Great quality and service with a nice touch! I highly recommend their candy!

Amy from Lebanon, PA

Used to have Dan Smith’s chocolate crosses every Easter. My Gram would buy them for everyone. Absolutely delicious chocolates!! Definitely going to DuBois location this week!!

Lori from PA

I grew up on Dan Smith’s Candy, eating it daily! I lived with my Grandmother, Verna Cook. She worked for Dan for decades. It was great to see her picture on your UTube video. I spent a lot of time in the back, watching her mark & pack candy. I remember the huge copper vat, stirred with a wooden paddle. I’m in Texas now. Thank heavens Dan’s chocolate lives on & will ship. It is THE BEST in the world, literally!!

Bonnie from Brookville, PA